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Why Re-Face, When I can Replace?

Kitchen cabinet refinishing or refacing is often perceived to be a lower cost and more convenient kitchen upgrade alternative that can give your kitchen a newly remodeled look in a fraction of the time it takes to remodel and with minimal disruption to your home life.

The “Sell” is “You are happy with kitchen layout just as it is, do not want to replace countertops, and those cabinet boxes are still good”

The problem is, costs from any reputable cabinet refacer such as those offered through Home Depot or other Franchise shop providers, is just as high or even higher than a complete kitchen upgrade or remodel “Out Of The Box Store”.

Why should I replace my kitchen cabinets instead of refacing or refinishing them?

Sure, the Big Box Stores like Lowes & Home Depot will charge on average $10,000.00 to $14,000.00 for replacement kitchen cabinets and granite countertops, and it will likely take not weeks but months to complete the job – and that is if all the stars and the planets line up just as planned.

When considering this, the concept of spending $7,000.00 or half the price with a 3-4 week completion starts to look pretty good.  But what if you could get quality fully assembled all wood cabinets with all of the available options at half the price in just 1 week?  What if you could get new granite countertops at half the price? What if you could have installation at no costs to you at all, and have the entire project completed in an average of 2-Weeks?

Chances are, you would decide that existing kitchen configuration could really use some changes, you would love to have taller cabinets and extra space offered with those changes and maybe a pantry.  You would love to have complete all wood quality cabinets with new drawers, and convenience options that could not be accommodated by a reface or refinish alone.

If you are in the Sandhills of North Carolina, or for you highlanders – The Fayetteville NC area, including Moore County (Pinehurst/Southern Pines), Cumberland County, Hoke County (Raeford), Robeson County (Lumberton), etc.,  You are in the 4R-Kitchen Cabinets service area, and a Free In-Home consultation, design, and project plan with budget estimate is available to you, by just making a call or submitting a request at our www.4RKC.com website contact page

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