The 4R-DIY Self Installation Program

4R-Kitchen Cabinets strives to provide our customers the resources needed to save even more money by taking control of their own projects.  We know a way to reduce costs, is by self installing your new cabinets, but for most homeowners this is not a task they perform regularly or like most have never installed a kitchen cabinet.

Common Mistakes Made By DIY Installers

A common mistake by many, is the purchase of cheap Ready To Assemble cabinets from an online cabinet company outside of the area and assuming a few online videos is all that is needed to insure the assembly and installation of cabinets will go well.

Unfortunately, most freight delivered cabinet boxes and content are delivered with some damage or defective materials, and due to the “Learning Curve”, first time assembly of cabinets does not go without some damage due to errors.  More errors during installation to be corrected causes additional cabinet damage, and after factoring in the shipping costs, adjusting damages, extra time, etc., much of what was hoped to be saved by a DIY installation has become a loss instead of a gain.

The 4R-DIY Solution

4R-Kitchen Cabinets designed our 4R-DIY Self Installation Program to help our customers achieve success in their Self Installation efforts.  We only sell in our direct service areas, deliver only a high quality Pre-Assembled and inspected cabinets, help to make sure you have the free local experienced support and resources needed to reduce opportunity for failure, by providing our Self Installation clients Free project planning & design services, Free cabinet installation training, Free loan of Installation tools, and Free installation support.

To make sure you have the highest quality cabinet to install, we glue & nail assemble your cabinets in our local shop before delivery, and make sure each cabinet is ready to be installed both structurally and in appearance on delivery.  With 4R-Kitchen Cabinets here to support you as needed from conception through completion, you will enjoy the savings gained by your DIY labor contribution and take pride in your completed new kitchen.

Free 4R-DIY Pre-Order Inspection

Prior to placing your order, a 4R-Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Specialist will meet with you at your installation location to double check your measurements and site conditions.  You may ask Why?  Have you given thought to potential problems like ceiling height, door opening width that could prevent you from moving fully assembled large corner base or tall cabinets in for installation?  Have you considered potential obstructions to door or drawer movement at walls and appliance panel locations?  These and other considerations come with experience and can lead to the order of incorrect cabinets or installation parts.

Free DIY (Do-IT-Yourself) Basic Cabinet Installation Training

Sure, you can go look at You Tube Videos, but there is nothing like having some hands on training with a real professional, with real tools that can be borrowed Free, Actual 4R-Cabinets, and the ability to have a professional show you what is being done incorrectly before you damage your new cabinets learning the hard way.  We offer our Free 4R-DIY Training in our local shop every 2-Weeks and the only admission costs for getting this certificate is your purchase of the highest quality, lowest priced, All-Wood kitchen cabinets in the Fayetteville area (That is a “Win”, “Win – Win – Win” For our customers.

Free 4R-DIY Loaner Toolkit

Bet the costs of tools you may not need to use every day was not on your list, or budget for completing your own DIY installation of cabinets.  You planned on saving over a thousand dollars, and had to buy over a thousand dollars in tools.  Well, if your intention was to stock up on tools you may only use once a year that was a good plan, but it you intended on keeping that money for purchase of your new appliances, our Free 4R-DIY Loaner tool kit saves the day.  You also received Free 4R-DIY Installation training and know exactly how to use every tool in the box.

What Our Free Loaner Toolkit Includes: 

  • Cordless Power Screw gun
  • Cordless Power Drill
  • Electric Multi-Tool
  • 23 Gage Nail Gun
  • Compressor & Hose
  • Door & Drawer pull adjustable mounting template
  • 4’ Level
  • Adjustable wood clamps
  • 6’ Electric Miter Saw

Free Local 4R-DIY Installation Support

You received our Free local delivery of the fully assembled cabinets ordered.  You have been using the Free loaned installation toolkit provided by 4R-Kitchen Cabinets to complete the installation but encountered a question or problem to resolve in the middle of the installation.  No problem, since your purchase of the highest quality, lowest priced, All-Wood kitchen cabinets in the Fayetteville area automatically entitled you to call for Free local support.  The only one as interested in having your installation go well, and for you to have a great looking kitchen upgrade when the job is completed, is 4R-Kitchen Cabinets.  If you and your kitchen look good, we look good!

4R-DIY Installation Final Inspection

You did it!  A beautifully installed kitchen is completed, thanks to 4R-Kitchen Cabinets DIY Resources, including Pre-Order Inspection, DIY Training, loaned tools, and support along the way as needed, and thanks you your hard-work, you were able to do it all at a fraction of the costs estimated, and way lower costs than the Big-Box hardware store estimates.  The last task on your list before popping the bubbly and cooking your first meal in the completed kitchen is to schedule a Free 4R-DIY Final Inspection.  A 4R-Kitchen Cabinet Specialist will inspect the installation to insure all meets the standards required to insure your new kitchen will be able to serve you and your family for decades to come, and with the final inspection comes another bonus (Your 5-Year Materials Warranty Will Now Include a full 1-year installation warranty on your DIY job)

Nobody other company does more to help its DIY customers succeed and enjoy the financial and personal rewards that come with completing a project.


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