Military, Police, & Firefighter Appreciation

You have served, and given to your country, community, and your fellow neighbors and citizens. You have earned the best discounts we can offer in appreciation for that service.  Receive 10% off of all products & Services + Priority Scheduling (Move up to the top of our delivery & Installation Schedule)

Senior Discount Program

Ok, we know you are not just older but are also wiser.  You have not made it to retirement age without learning a bit about how to best spend those hard-saved dollars over the years.  4R-Kitchen Cabinets is on your side in the effort to keep more of your money yours, and to prove it we are going to give you the 5% discount off of your product or services purchase the Big Box stores like Lowes & Home Depot won’t give.  Plus select one Free Referral/Buy-More Incentive gift in appreciation for all the things you have done over the past 62+ years, but never got a thank you for (See the list of gift options)

Purchase Incentives & Customer Rewards (FREE STUFF)

We have more purchase incentives and customer rewards than anyone can find in a “Big Box” STORE, That is!   Check out the FREE products and gifts we have made available for our customers based on Purchase Amounts, Referrals, or part of select discount programs and special promotions.  These Free gifts are given in addition to any other discounts you may qualify to receive (Referral/Buy-More Incentive Rewards)

Home Flip & Rental Property Exclusive Savings

As a home purchase for resale (Flipper), or Rental Property owner you are looking for the best value while still obtaining a higher quality than a standard box store in-stock cabinet.  So you can minimize your project investment expense, but still offer a durable and attractive kitchen & bath cabinet that will help get the best resale price, or hold up to the use of multiple tenants over the years, we have an exclusive cabinet program designed just for you.

Non-Profit Assistance

As a Non-Profit Organization, You are accountable for getting the most out of each dollar contributed to your good cause. We have not just made a commitment to provide you discounts for higher quality products, we will pull up our sleeves and put on our work gloves to help as needed.  , and support your fundraising programs.  Submit each project and we determine the total discount and contribution we can make available on a project to project basis.

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